Our company provides integrated project solutions for turnkey investments in photovoltaic (solar) power plants and CSP plants. Our scope of services includes everything connected with the implementation/assembly of a particular project, including the documentation and commissioning of the plant at the final stage. Our partners are some of the leading companies in the solar industry, which help us maintain the high quality of services that we offer.

Mechanical Installation

There are no soils that could be a problem for Solar Energy Company. We use our high-quality, tough and durable rock-drilling equipment to solve all of the problems that could arise - from having a massive rock to having asphalt or concrete. By using this equipment, we can guarantee that the proper core holes will be pre-drilled for every foundation that needs to be accommodated.

Electrical Installation

Solar Energy Company installs the power plant till the very end. We not only build handle all of the electrical work for the development of the plant, but we also connect it to the grid. We cover all the necessary electrical connection work: from module or string cabling to the connection of the inverter to the power supply line connection. We advise you with regard to lightning-protection systems and clarify which system makes the most sense for your plant. All of the work is done and carried out in compliance with the international standards.

Civil Works

Safety is always a main concern when it comes to new developments, this is why SEC makes sure that our clients do not have to worry about it. We manage the monitoring of the solar plant during the building phase and we also provide security, following the completion of the plant, for the protection of your investment. This is done by installing a video-monitoring system, motion-detection devices or other security integrated devices.


SEC can deliver all of the components that are needed for the execution of a given project. Pile-driven foundations, substructures, solar modules, inverters, transfer stations, together with the entire electrical accessories. Our cooperation with a reliable network of suppliers guarantees our clients a high quality and on time delivery. If the client already has the components available, then we are happy to use and install them. Our priority is the client to be satisfied with the whole process and the ending result without any interruptions or troubles. This is why we exercise material surveillance, i.e. we make sure that all of the materials entering the construction site are in a perfect condition.

Operation and Maintenance

Operating our own hydropower plants gives us the unique chance to experiment and perfect our knowledge in SHPS operation and maintenance. Through the years we have learned to manage day-to-day obstacles and optimize electricity generation by applying best practices.



The company participates in the implementation and operation of multiple projects. You can see some of our references.