About SEC

SEC acts as a sub-contractor at large scale solar projects throughout USA. The Company will self perform the electrical, mechanical, civil and commissioning works while maintaining high H&S standards, meeting tight deadlines and preserving the quality of works.

We do SOLAR energy

We are exceptional solar contractors


BOOM - We are ready to Build, Own, Operate and Maintain your small scale IPP project.

Construction - SEC provides the full range of management, procurement, design and construction services to complete a utility scale solar project.

We make solar competitive


- SEC model of operations will integrate local resources with our USA experience and overall approach to successfully completing utility scale solar projects.

- SEC has developed a pool of highly skilled and experienced workforce that can deploy at any non-union solar project.

- Simultaneously SEC will heavily recruit and train local workforce to ensure that the local community benefits from the solar industry development.

- The experienced H&S management will ensure that our staff works acccording to the highest H&S standards.

- As a copmany SEC values the skills and capabilities of army veterans who have been of enormos value to the solar industry.

- SEC has a proven record in supporting its Clients in building a quality product and adapting to the specific needs of the project.

  1. 600+ employees

  2. 100+ projects Completed

  3. 6.5 mln labor hours of impaccable H&S record

  4. 1.7+ GWinstalled capacity

  5. 10 years experience
Meet our team

Vladimir Tabutov


Boyan Tabutov


Yanko Rupov


Mechanical Installation

Our qualified professionals have managed to maximize our capabilities in the installation processes of module mounting structures and PV modules, using different mounting methods in accordance with local regulations and international best practices.

Civil Works

With our vast international experience, we have learned how to manage different project sizes, weather conditions, soils, roads, etc… Learning by doing, we are now confident to be able to combat any challenges and therefore stay on schedule and within budget, thus ensuring the successful installation of your PV plant.

Value Engineering

Through an organized and creative effort, our engineers work to analyze the requirements of your project and come up with the best solution to achieve the functioning of the solar power plant at the lowest total costs, thus creating maximum value.

Electrical Installation

We not only handle all electrical work (grounding, wiring, connecting the inverters) along the national requirements of the local authorities and installation manuals, but we also connect you to the grid.


Working with trusted suppliers we make sure that all installation deliveries and processes are performed on time and with the highest quality ensured.

Operation & Maintenance

We are constantly searching for opportunities to build up our expertise in O&M of utility scale solar power plants.