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Project feasibility

Hydropower generation is a field where business, social and ecological interests may collide. That is why project development in hydropower generation requires high level of expertise, experience and passion. At Hydroenergy Company, we constantly strive to converge all interests and materialize them in projects with distinctive ecological and economical characteristics. That is why we have developed a professional approach to tackle project feasibility that enables us to provide our clients with conclusions that reflect real project potential and risks.

Design and Permits

A competent project feasibility is one of the key prerequisites that ameliorate the Design and Permits phase. At this stage, the challanges of accomodating legislative priorities, as well as determining foremost economical and technical solutions must be met. We succeed by exploring latest technology and by investing in intensive networking with regional and national administrative structures, which has turned to an integral part of our work resulting in increased project benefit and value.

Construction and Assembly

Construction and assembly are the most essential parts of a turnkey project. That is why we have created and developed the necessary mix of tangible and intangible assets that enable us to complete the construction of hydropower plants of various type and complexity.

Operation and Maintenance

Operating our own hydropower plants gives us the unique chance to experiment and perfect our knowledge in SHPS operation and maintenance. Through the years we have learned to manage day-to-day obstacles and optimize electricity generation by applying best practices.


Thanks to our practical experience gained from the numerous projects completed throughout the years, we can provide you with various solutions and technological insight at every stage of your project.



The company participates in the implementation and operation of multiple projects. You can see some of our references.

The spirit of our company is driven by the constant desire to deliver optimal services and solutions to our clients. By creating expedient mixture of technological expertise, economical know-how, and ecological insight we strive to bring our own and our customers' ideas into exemplary results. As a company operating in the renewable energy sector, we strive for perfection!

Especially, when it comes to paying the due amount of care [and beyond] to our clients, investors and the environment. As a turn-key provider, our business philosophy is based on three main pillars. First, enable the investor to smoothly enter at any given stage of the project life cycle; second, optimize the economical, financial, technical and ecological value of the project; and third, secure a flawless and viable project ownership transition.